Teacher Enrichment Program

At the GSA , we view teachers as learners. We believe that the act of teaching cannot be separated from the act of learning. This implies that the teacher begins to view her role in a different light. She does not consider herself as a transmitter of knowledge rather engages with her students in meaningful learning situations. These results in a paradigm shift which leaders to a changed relationship between the teacher and the learner, the teacher and teacher and the teacher and the community. The teacher enrichment programs aim to develop the mindset and skills to create engagement and inquiry in the classroom. Continual and intensive professional development of the teachers has been an important focus of our work at school. This gives teachers first hand experience of experiential learning and aims at developing right attitude, commitment to purpose, deep knowledge content, and teaching strategies and skills.

Meditation Workshops

Meditation has long been a tradition in our country. Meditation is a manifestation of the Indian Culture. At GSA we not only give primary to the building of skills and competences of our teachers but also keep them connect to their spiritual self. The meditation workshops aims at establishing this connect.

Conceptual Workshops

The times are changing fast and so is our education system. The teachers need to be adept at handling these emerging situations. The school organizes workshops that only equip them with tools, techniques and strategies for classroom teaching but also work towards deepening their conceptual understanding of the subject matter. These workshops bring in the academic rigor that is needed to establish a classroom on a constructivist paradigm

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